My Gift Was Kanye’s Heart

I never was the child that used to play with LEGO a lot.  But when I had the change to put the LEGO bricks together, nobody could have stopped me.  I was building my own little world with these stones: houses, spaceships etc. And as time passed, LEGO left me or… I left LEGO.  And one sweet day when I was doing some research for something, I found this pic:

When I saw Kanye West wearing this Dee and Ricky brooch made out of LEGO, that just blew my mind.  I ordered it so fast I didn’t even check if I had enough money for it.  And it’s gonna stay on my Levi’s jacket till the end of time.

Back in the days when I did my internship in New York in this company (I don’t want to say the name) that girl came to me. She was pointing on my brooch and asked: “Hey, is this Dee and Ricky?!” I was hella surprised that she even knew who made this. The next day she came to my desk and gave me two more of them, saying: “I saw you wearing the Dee & Ricky heart, so I thought you gonna like these, too.”

That just made my day. And it made me realize that there are people who understand the shit you are wearing.


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