Miss Ora, I can feel your Aura!

The lights are on.
The band plays the first beat.
The crowd gets excited.
She is on stage!
Rita Ora.

The new Jay-Z protégée Rita Ora made her first step into the music industry.  With her hits R.I.P, Hot Right Now and her new smash hit Party & Bullshit she is conquering the world right now. I had the pleasure to see her 3 times in NYC.

When I was on her concert taped by VEVO , this girl in the audience made a black beanie for her with lucite 3-d letters saying DOPE.  Her label is called Perry and Printup New York. Rita was kind of impressed, said: “My hairstylist is going to kill me, but I love this beanie.” She wore it for a couple of songs and kept on rocking the stage.

the DOPE beanie

She nailed it with her Gwen Stefani inspired performance. Just being herself. Feeling the music. Dancing, jumping, screaming!

But Rita is more than just music. She has so much swag.  She is representing a whole other level of style mixing urban with glamour. Wearing the lastest Jeremy Scott dress paired with a pair of Air Max and a beanie. For more of her style click here. And I feel like she is representing a whole generation of urban kids with this hip hop look, but still looking feminine. Does that makes sense?
Whatever.  My favorite Rita beanie is this one right here:

I don’t wear beanies at all. And I don’t know why I bought it. But I gave it to a friend, hoping that she will wear it all fall and winter long! Don’t you dare not to wear it! 🙂

Rita is definitely THE SHIT!


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