Pop-Up Ueberlabel!

One picture explains it all:

Ueberlabel is this super cool online shop for independent designers. And for the first time in history of this start-up company they created an awesome Pop-Up store in Hamburg/Germany.
I had the honor to be invited and it was a lot of fun. The atmosphere was relaxed, music was served by the DJ Deepling and people were just chilling and making fashion what it is: FUN.

The venue (Kleine Freiheit 1, Hamburg) matches the clothes perfectly with this kind of independent, edgy and still cozy flair. The girls I was with were super excited about necklaces by Nara Saca and Danielle Vroemen.  I am more of the Ethel Vaughn and Sopopular kind of guy. So you can see it is for men, women and kids and not only fashion is represented but also interior.
So if you need anything make sure to step by ASAP.  Here is my personal invitation for you:

You better make sure you go!

Ueberlabel is the shit everybody is going to talk about in the future!


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