Though my number one passion is most likely fashion, music takes the second place if not the first along with fashion. After listening to the second record of the xx, which already came out on the internet  two weeks before the official release (lol), I felt the urge to share it with you.
I used to like the xx when their first record came out in 2009, but hearing them in a London shop somehow mixed up with the english atmosphere, made this band slowly began to climb up to be my favorite. Their first record was perfect for me, so my expectations were high for the second one.

As usual I was a little bit disappointed after hearing it for the first time. Nonetheless I transported these 11 songs straight to my Ipod and listened to them while driving to work. The second listening wasn’t that bad, understanding the lyrics wasn’t that bad neither. It was simple but clean. Perfect to chill out and let yourself carry away to another world where you can mourn about lost love. The voices of Romy and Oliver being in total harmony. Melancholic and indifferent but yet touching. Coexist is not a record of big surprises or great changes, it’s similar to the first record. And it’s completely fine.

This turned out to be a personal review haha but never mind. I had to do this after waiting almost 4 years for the new record. 😛

Check out my favorite on here: 


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