London ME!

It’s tea time, isn’t it?
Just kidding.

London is one of my favorite cities in the world.  That’s why I took the weekend to relax and enjoy the British way of life in a way that is not touristy. It is very difficult to get to know cities when you are not living there because in the end you always do what every fucking tourist does. This time I wanted to make it very clear that everything had to be different!

So first things first I went straight to the casino.  I was such a badass! (kidding) What kind of story is this: you go in as a poor student and come out as a rich kid! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
And I almost won. My feelings told me to go for the red 21 on the roulette. And of course my dumb ass had to chose something totally different. And the red 21 won. EPIC FAIL! This fucking number could have made me rich!!! Whatever.
Don’t hate the game, hate the players, right?

After my attend to get rich in a very short time I just decided to see the city. So I went to the Indian neighborhood Southall, the Arabic neighborhood close to Edgware Road, Porto Bello, the one and only Camden Market. Here are some impressions:

BUT my highlight was the carnival in Notting Hill.
It was a mixture of the Love Parade and the Brazilian Carnival and I had a blast! Everybody was dancing in the streets and it was packed. And when I say packed I mean packed. Take a look:
And that was just the front. Same amount of people in the back!
The fashion was crazy. I did had the intention to do some street style pictures, but I had to choose between:
a) do street style pictures or
b) enjoy the moment and dance my ass off.
I chose B. Because in the end of the day you have to be and live in the moment!

I was very amused!


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