Quality barber

Once in a month the time comes where even I have to cut my hair. Usually I am not that complicated about this but this girl fucked up big times.  She ruined everything on my head: the structure, the form, the length.  Wasted my time and money!
If you look at hair cutting as an art form than she was not even an amateur.
This miserable experience just made me think about my barber in NYC: the Quality Barbers on the Upper East Side. Ray, Renat and the rest of the team truly understand how to adjust a hair cut to your wishes, see what works for your face, advise you and … BOOOM… make it better than expected! Et voilá:

If you look at hair cutting as an art form again, than these people are artists.
The shop itself is very minimalistic and white and clean. Take a look right here:

And the first thing you see is this picture on the wall. It is not the baby anymore but a Brazilian woman. And my barber made it itself. I was impressed. That painting was beautiful.
And there is a whole gallery in the back where he washes the hair. I wish I had a picture to show you, but I was too shy to make one.

I remember sitting there when he washed my hair and we were talking about his project called The Truth is. The Truth Is project is a social experiment which was launched by Innomind.org in April 2004. It shows what the world thinks of truth one person at a time. On his homepage, he explains it like this:
What is the truth? And why is everyone searching for it? Why is the truth painful, at times? This international experiment project portrays the views of thousands of people around the world, who were spontaneously approached and asked a simple question, “What is the Truth for you?”.
WOOOW. This question is so powerful, that I still don’t have an answer for it. So I checked out some vids to see how people think about this question:

I still have no answer.  I guess Confucius was right when he said:“The object of the superior man is truth.”

But I know that my barber truly understands how to cut hair. It sounds funny, but I feel like he sees it as an art form.  Because he is an artist!
That’s the truth.


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