4/9/81 BDay!

A living legend turned 31 today.
The one and only: Beyoncé Knowles.
I honestly grew up with her music: I remember her No No No video by Destiny’s Child back in 1996, her epic Crazy In Love dance routine or her recent fashionable video to Party. I was there from the beginning. And I don’t want to sound like a freaking stalker, but she is THE SHIT! I have never in my life seen somebody perform like she does.  She is truly fierce on stage. And look at that booty:

Her body is too bootylicious for u baby…

To celebrate the queen that she is, here are some of my fav performances and videos:

I swear I could post a million videos: from her VMA performances, to the concert DVDs up to her videos. But I’m gonna stop her.
Oh,there is a funny story about the Get Me Bodied song. Nothing special but a moment to remember: Every time I am in the club and this one is played, me and my friends go bananas. So a friend of mine just stood their doing this Beyonce pose for a whole minute:

So every time I hear it again I just have this picture in mind where this friend of mine is doing this pose in the middle of the club.  With the same attitude and fierceness. EPIC!

God save the Queen (B).

Happy Bday, Beyonce!


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