Galactic Galaxy

Listen to this, while reading this blog post:

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

It is the period of civil fashion revolution.
Rebellious outfits, founded in hidden bases,
have won over a lot of human beings hearts.
During this time fashion industry had a lot
of styles and influences, but the galaxy had other plans.
It decided to be a trendsetter itself…

I… am… your father NEW TREND!

So I read this post right here on And I was like fuck yea! I like galaxy patterns.  I mean this whole  blog has a galaxy background. I bought my T-Shirt like a year ago and I still think it is one of my best buys ever.  And Yasemin is in love with her galaxy leggins by Your Eyes Lie.  Actually she also has a galaxy T-Shirt.
OMG… We could dress up as the universe for next Halloween. LMAO! Just kidding!

Urban Outfitters. Whoot Whoot!

Leggins by Your Eyes Lie

Topshop T-Shirt

For months I have been trying to get this jumper by Aloha From Deer. Please get back in stock! PLEAAASE…

Aloha From Deer


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