Put Pop On Top!

There is pop music. Pop culture. Pop, another word for soft drinks. The song “Pop” by ‘N Sync. And last but not least: Pop art.
Pop art challenges tradition. It removes material from its context and isolates the object to create something modern and new. The duo Alec and Greta found a way to create pop art for clothing. It’s a dope combo! They had the fabulous idea to establish the website Sexy-Sweaters.com, where they design some bomb ass sweaters! Unfortunately you can’t purchase them yet. Once the pieces get into production… I WANT THEM ALL!
I have been waiting for these sweaters for months, and months and months… and finally you can buy some of them right here! Unfortunately not all of them are available, but it’s still
Here some of my favorite motives:

EYYY SEXY SWEATERS! Op Op Op … Whoops wrong song… HAHA


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