The Infulence Flu

There is one thing I know: Everybody is influenced and everybody can be an influencer! It begins when other people affect individual’s thoughts, feelings or actions. It is something that happens every second from beginning till the end of our days.

But is influence really like flu, infecting society step by step?
Yes, kind of.
Is everyone affected?
Can we hide or inoculate against influence?

We can’t escape. But it’s not an illness. It’s more the idea of putting a puzzle together over years and years, finding the right piece to shape your soul and mind. The funny thing is: the pieces come in different colors, sizes and time intervals. The short documentary Influencers explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment. It’s a brilliant piece of art, inspiring and also influencing.
“I think an influencer has a certain confidence, that probably not many people have….”
Check out the film:

“To see who these new icons of this era are going to be.. I mean, I think we got to wait and see.”


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