On The 6 Like Jennifer Lopez

It is 1999. I am watching MTV. And here comes this video:

Jennifer Lynn Lopez. Also known as J Lo and for her big booty. From the day I saw this video  I promised myself to see her in concert, once she is doing a world tour. Fucking 13 years later she moved her ass to my home town. And she really has big booty! And I know this for sure because on Sunday I went to see her performing on her very first tour: The Dance Again World Tour 2012.

I never realized how cool she is. She really flashed me with her dancing and singing skills. She stepped up her game, got her Diva thing going on and I was like: WOOOW, Beyonce got some competition. 😛
So there was this part where she said: “Let me take you to where I am from: The Bronx”  That’s when all her old school songs hit in: I’m RealAin’t it funnyJenny from the Block… I couldn’t stop grooving.

NYC story: Every time someone asked me something like: “Which train do u gotta take to get home?” And I was like: “I am on the 6 like J. Lo!”  FYI On the 6 is Jennifer’s first album and the 6 train was taking here back to the Bronx, where she’s from.

J Lo is sexy as hell. Not to mention she is born in 1969!!!!! She looks better than some 20 year old girl.
There is one thing I realized in front of the arena: I was waiting for a friend and I was looking at the people coming out. There were men and women. Boys and girls. Black. White. Asian. From 10 to I swear 70  years old( at least they looked like 70).
Music truly has no boundaries. I think it’s cool…

J Lo is my old and new shit.


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