The Shit I’m Talking is supposed to be a blog about personal experiences, more than anything else. Because personality leads to individualism. And individualism makes you stand out from the crowd. Speaking of standing out from the crowd, I definitely have to mention one person that I met during my time in NYC.

I had to clean up the showroom, when I saw Faith Pongracz the first time. Faith moved from Pittsburg/PA to NYC when she was 20 years old. I wasn’t used to her edgy look, especially not in a office: blue acid washed jeans, I think it was a pink t-shirt, and crazy accessory. And crazy in a positive way. Fuck yes, finally someone that did not stick to the dress-code. And her fashion is not sticking to rules or paradigm. It is rebellious. It is free.

The accessories were hand-crafted by Faith and one-of-a kind. She designs for her own label Faith-n-Khaos. We started talking and she introduced me to her chaotic psychedelic world, as she likes to call it. Her studded hat and her necklace were imperfectly perfect, made out of a combination of materials mixed with everyday common objects, in a way that she created fashion how it is supposed to be: artistic and still wearable. And I have to mention that back then, when I met Faith, spikes and studs were not taken over by the stream of mainstream. So her hat, even her look, was really kind of revolutionary.

So are you ready to dive into another world right now? Put on your swimwear and jump into the water of  faith and chaos, daydreaming, life and love:

This is Faith. I choose this picture, because it reminds me of the look she was rocking, the first day I saw her.

Even the way she presents her fashion is pure art.

This is one of my favorite pictures: Dont’ be boxed-in by’s better to daydream out the window #fnk #revolution (Taken with Instagram)

Here is one sentence I had to steal, because it describes Faith in a way that I could never do: “The young idealist embraces anything beautiful, from the homeless man in the park to the demure upstanding citizen. Pushing her to form her own sensibility of style, art and photography. Merging all loves of life into a chaotic orderly fashion.” And i have witnessed it. Her way of seeing things and creating art made me “look” outside of the box.

Her muse Melody Joy wearing F-n-K.

Boom, in your face!

Boom, in your face! (Part II)


Here is one thing I still need to say:
Spread the word and support, so that independent artists like Faith can be seen and heard. You can buy her stuff right here.


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