The King of Collaboration

You either hate him or love him, there’s no in between and that’s cool ’cause his designs go to the extreme too.

The American fashion designer Jeremy Scott started his career in Paris and made it to almost every important fashion runway since then. His outrageous and unique designs became really popular and many popstars like Madonna and Lady Gaga supported him by wearing his stuff.


Since he’s a self-loving person, he also models at his own fashion shows. lol

Most likely, his commercial break through came thanks to the collaboration with the sportswear giant Adidas. Designing eccentric stuff for the normally classic brand isn’t welcomed by everyone. People seem to think that he’s ruining the image of Adidas and make it look ridiculous and embarrassing. But you can build your own opinion. Here are some outcomes of the collaboration.


2NE1-adidas-originals-jeremy-scott-01-e1320518235328Jeremy with the Korean girl group 2NE1 for Adidas Originals



After seeing these pictures you might think that Mr. Scott is a busy man, but like I wrote on the title, he seems to be the King of Collaboration. So he also teamed up with Swatch, Smart, Linda Farrow and many more and doesn’t seem to lose any of his creativity. Many might think that he’s annoying or too cheesy but don’t we all agree that a little portion of rebellion now and then is a healthy thing in this boring and adapted world?

Don’t fail to watch his latest fashion show for Spring 2013 called the Arab Spring


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