Knock, knock, I want Baroque!

Dear Santa,

I know that you exist. So get our ass up, leave the strip club and go to work. I was a good kid this year and that’s why I created my very own wishlist. And all I want for X-mas is Katie Eary stuff.

Katie Eary is a London-based designer, who took over the fashion world by storm. Her fashion represents the attitude and voice of my generation for both male and female. Talking street elements to high fashion and vice versa. Her collections (all of them) are youthful, modern and wearable.
The Vogue commented on her SS13 collection : “Glistening was the word of the day. Everything shone, from patent white embossed crocodile jackets and oversized rucksacks, to the pure silk shirts, which bellowed in oranges and hypnotic aqua blue pool patterns. The dominating sight of baroque architectural prints was at its most powerful when jersey was fused with neoprene.”
And the Baroque-theme got me! The good thing is, it’s a unisex collection, because even though men are showing it off on the runway, I can see women wearing it as well.
Peep the SS13 collection right now, right here:
KATIEEARY_SS13_2-682x1024KATIEEARY_SS13_1-682x1024 KATIEEARY_SS13_41-682x1024 KATIEEARY_SS13_9-682x1024 KATIEEARY_SS13_20-681x1024AS_EARY_SS13_0161-768x1024Screen-Shot-2012-09-27-at-20.49.481AS_EARY_SS13_0142-768x1024Brutally beautiful pieces. So Santa, please make my wishes come true. Thank you!

Your The Shit I’m Talking kids


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