The jacket of the boy called Jose Garcia Rodrigo

In order to get a vintage denim jacket for my final collection at the academy, I ended up at a thrift store in Hamburg. Actually, they claim to be the biggest vintage selling store in Hamburg and they probably are.The  “Kleidermarkt” has without a doubt everything a vintage-loving-heart desires.


Thanks to the huge variety I found a fitting denim jacket AND I also found this special guy, which naturally caught my eye immediately.


First I wasn’t sure if I should  buy it, ’cause oh my god, I have so many pieces I bought out of love and never wore ever again and denim jackets sure aren’t for this winter season. So I could wear it in 4-5 months and who knows if I’d like it then. I was just about to put it back but in the last second saw this emblem and most importantly the name written on it. That’s when I realized it was a kids’ jacket (lol) and as a matter of a fact once belonged to a boy called Jose Garcia Rodrigo. I know for sure that all these things belonged to someone once but reading that name I suddenly became emotional (I become emotional very easily) and couldn’t let go of the jacket. I wonder what happened to the boy, if he’s a grown up now, where he lives, what he does. After all I came to the conclusion that the jacket is perfect for me and for once I don’t regret buying a vintage piece.

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