Pray for Paris

I was checking my Facebook page yesterday, when I saw this post by Pray for Paris. And I thought my world ended 4 days earlier than expected. The t-shirt I was craving for for weeks and weeks was/is sold out.
pray_for_paris_SOLDOUTI was devastated. Do you know the feeling when you want something so much that you just get sad when it’s not available anymore?
This definitely falls in the category: first world problems. But I wrote Pray for Paris an E-Mail and with a little bit of luck I received this message back: “We have 1 med left over, we can sell you a medium.” I was like FUCK YES. Made my day.

But why do I want this t-shirt so bad?  Pray for Paris has this anti-fashion attitude, that is at the same time so pro-fashion. Not a lot of labels/brands can create the “fuck the industry” feeling and being so popular. The label itself was born by the need for an affordable high street alternative which is trend driven yet original. Each piece is extremely limited, which gives you a feeling of having a fashion piece, that not everybody has in their closet. Exclusive, fashionable and not expensive: these 3 adjectives describe PfP the best. So check out a couple of other t-shirts:
pray_for_paris_ceiling_t-shirt_1pray_for_paris_icepray_for_paris_tree_whiteA lot of celebrities like Kanye West  wore the t-shirts and famous fashion bloggers like Lua or Nyane already were posing for the brand on their blogs. Another way to be exclusive and to escape from mainstream…
Thank you!


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