Watch Out For…(Part II)

Hard work and discipline, diversity and being photogenic, plus a look that is sought for in the fashion industry. Talking about models, persons who display, advertise and promote commercial products  or to serve as a subject of works of art. And I feel like these 3 male models are going to be big, bigger, the biggest in 2013.

1. Igor Stepanov
Igor is a 19 year old, Latvian born London-based model. Mostly seen in magazines, his jobs are related to a casual urban streetwear look. Igor has recently shot Hero Magazine, 7th Man, GQ Germany and the look-book imagery for the Topman Peacoat Project. If he plays his cards right, he gonna be HUGE in the industry.

2. Willy Cartier
I feel like Willy worked with them all: Givenchy, Benetton, Jean Paul Gaultier etc. The French model is best known for his androgynous look and long hair and that is what makes him special in the industry. BIG career coming up.

3. Dudley O’Shaughness
Last but not least: Dudley O’Shaughness. Dudley was born in London/England  and is a British actor and model. He is best known for acting in Rihanna’s video ” We found love”. Since then his profile has risen in popularity.In 2012 he appeared on the runway for designers such as Jeremy Scott, Timo Welliand and  Michael Michalsky. O’Shaughnessy was awarded the 2012 Male Model of the year by ARISE magazine. Don’t stop till u get enough…


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