Desire in Fashion, Passion in Dreams

I am tired as fuck, that’s why I am getting straight to business today. No spieling, not gonna write Harry Potter Part 8. Just wanna mention another designer that caught my eyes a long time ago: Bobby Abley.
The London-based designer graduated from Ravensbourne College and when he showcased his menswear collection no other but Vivienne Westwood was in the audience. Bobby does fashion with a uniqueness, a whole other approach, which is nowadays very rare. His collection Wishery is taking me back to my childhood because it reminds me of cartoon and fairy tale meeting high fashion.  3 Words: DOPE DISNEY SHIT.



Bobby Abley has a desire in fashion, passion in dreams, and a harness to contain it all.

wishery6_905wishery15_905wishery12_905The pictures of his collection are found on his homepage. The Online Store is coming soon…. I am ready to spend some $$$. I am so broke with expensive taste…


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