Albert Watson is one of the most outstanding and successful fashion and ad photographers of our time. That why I was waiting for this moment to come: I had to go to the exhibition called Albert Watson Visions feat. Cotton Made in Africa in Hamburg. I wanted to see it a couple of months ago, but somehow never made it. What the fuck was wrong with me?
Foto (3)

But I came, saw and learned some new stuff.Watson is associated with unusual and powerful portraits of Naomi Campbell, Mick Jagger, Jay-Z, Sade, Alfred Hitchcock and many more. His images are eye catching for their refined compositions and use of light.

This one of Kate Moss is my absolute favorite.

This one of Kate Moss is my absolute favorite.

Clothes by Yōji Yamamoto

Clothes by Yōji Yamamoto

The cool thing about this exhibition is that it has, besides the celebrity and fashion thing with a lot of portraits and magazine covers (Vogue, Elle etc.) another section: Albert Watson’s photographs made in Benin in December 2011. The homepage of the Deichtorhallen describes it this way:
“The exhibition nevertheless emphatically hinges on Watson’s impressive images of Africa. These respectful photographic works tell the tales of the smallholders, of the people who form the backbone of the Cotton made in Africa initiative and its work. Watson’s snapshots constitute fragments of reality from the life of the African cotton farmers, offering silent observations that take the viewer along on the trip round Benin.”
Foto (2)Foto
Overall it is one of the best exhibitions I have ever seen in Hamburg. So If you are in Hamburg make sure you see it! You see the world from another perspective and you learn. Education is never wrong and never too much…


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