Steven McCurry

Usually a visit in a museum ends up like this :
I try to get my Iphone out and to take pictures and the supervisiors start screaming, like literally they are yelling in a room that is so quiet that you could hear a pin drop: ” Excuse me, sir, but there are no pictures allowed!”
And that is exactly the point when I turn on my secret agent/paparazzi mode on. You are telling me to not take pictures of art that is free for everyone? FUCK THAT!
And usually I am pretty damn good at taking undercover pictures, but this time at the “Steve McCurry: Overwhelmed by life” exhibition I sucked for real, for real, for real.  And I wish the following photos would capture at least 1/99 of the beauty that the originals radiate.
Foto Foto (1) Foto (2)

For those who don’t know:

The American  Steven McCurry gained international acclaim in 1979 when he was one of the first to take photographs of the conflict in Afghanistan, which were subsequently published in Time Magazine, the New York Times and Geo magazine and National Geographic. The first picture I posted is called the “Afghan girl” and is one of the most famous of his works.
The hompage of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe  says about McCurry:
“He takes pictures in crisis areas, aiming his lens at scenes he observes on the fringes of the actual conflict, and at the people and landscapes war leaves in its wake. McCurry documents the wounds of war, disappearing cultures and their traditions, the consequences of globalisation and changes to the fabric of life.”

And it is true. McCurry’s pictures make you think,  and I don’t know if that makes sense, but at the same time you see so much beauty in something that is not so beautiful like war or poverty etc. And if somebody can bring that to life with pictures than this kind of art is unique and genius. So whenever you have the chance to go to a Steven McCurry exhibition that that’s a must-do for everyone!


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