Minimal Menswear

When you read fashion magazines, you usually first get to see the designers fashion pieces, then you read the name of the brand, but never get to see the face behind the creations. This time I want to do this in a different kind of way.
So who is this?
aboutGot it?
It’s the English fashion designer Neil Barrett, based in Milan, Italy, who gained his reputation and fame through minimalist menswear. After five years of work with Gucci, Neil was approached by Patrizio Bertelli (Miuccia Prada’s husband and CEO) of Prada. Enormously influential, Neil’s work under the Prada label also established a blueprint of Minimal menswear that combines luxurious fabrics and unparalleled Italian craftsmanship with high-tech sportswear and a forward-thinking approach to the modern masculine wardrobe. This is an approach that also formed the foundation of the Neil Barrett label, which began in 1999.

And his designs are drop dead gorgeous. The shapes and combination of fabrics are minimal and pure at the same time, since the sweaters and jackets etc. remain true to its essence, but create a maximum effect, especially on my petit fashion soul. The AW 13 men’s collection is soooo sick. Très grandiose:
04 05 12 13 23 24 30 38


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