You tried…

It was last Saturday evening.
September 7.
At 8.15 p.m.
The TV channel VOX was on.
I prepared cookies and milk to enjoy my evening, because the 4h documentary (could have been a Bollywood movie) “Karl Lagerfeld- Mode als Religion” (Fashion as religion) was about to air. The press and the German blogger hemisphere went crazy about this documentary and reported about this show days before it even aired.
UnbenanntOver 16 months Martina Neuen followed and interviewed Karl Lagerfeld for VOX and tried to talk to him exclusively about his daily work between fashion shows and photo exhibitions, about his life, his career and the specialties of the fashion world. And tried to put fashion in a context of religion, trying to find similarities and differences between Karl Lagerfeld/fashion and religion.
And I consciously use the word try right now, because VOX tried so hard and the result was just a bunch of non-sense mixed with great quotes by Karl. Like how could you do that?

Do you remember the documentary made by Loïc Prigent, where Karl is describing his life by sketching people and places? This one is legen…wait for it… dary! (Watch the full version right here.) Look at this snippet:

This is how a fashion documentary should look and feel like. Think about it. 

536227_423491934426596_1937389963_nI don’t even want to be hater right now, I guess I was just disappointed. Too much Trash-TV elements for a topic that should be very artistic and fashionable…Whatever let’s focus on the more important things in life.



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