Pop-Culture Portrait

Right now is like bachelor thesis season for me. And I have the feeling that I am spending precious time looking around my room instead of being productive and writing this damn thesis. So what I found today is actually what I see on daily basis: the first dollar I received when I came to New York. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I got it, could have been a Deli on 23rd street, or a Chipotle downtown or maybe even Magnolia on the Upper West Side. I really can not recall this moment. But it’s still in my room:
FotoAnd I know exactly why I put it there. For these two reasons:
1. Just to remember myself that dreams come true.
2. Money comes easily and frequently.

And 3. this dollar just reminded me of this crazy artwork I have seen a couple of days ago, where the portraits of the presidents on the dollars where (let’s say) “dressed up” as celebrities of our time. Like for example Craig Gleason kind of spotted Lady Gaga’s resemblance to George Washington and  created these hilarious dollar notes(pictures via http://www.trendland.com/lady-gaga-dollar):
lady-gaga-dollar_2 lady-gaga-dollar_3
Or some research bore these guys:
tdUWZAnd if you think that coins are spared, you definitely thought wrong. Brazilian artist and designer Andre Levy uses the mini-structures of the coin’s portraits to create superheroes and pop-culture icons. (pictures by ozonweb.com)

tales-you-lose-coin-painting-andre-levy-8__605 tales-you-lose-coin-painting-andre-levy-11__605

Amazing artwork! It’s impressive how you can transform an everyday object into a piece of art.
I think I am going to leave my dollar the way it is and keep on trying to write this f**king bachelor thesis…


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