Mrs. Electric Lady

There is nothing better than going to a concert on a Friday night.
And last Friday it was time for the one and only Mrs. Electric Lady a.k.a Janelle Monáe, performing songs from her recently released second studio album, The Electric Lady, which is critically acclaimed.
IMG_4375I showed up kind of late and the crowed was already packed. And since I wasn’t feeling like pushing my way to the front rows (which I usually do since I paid for it lol), me and a friend of mine were like: “fuck it, let’s go to the VIP section.”
We just went upstairs and the show was about to start and there were no security guys anymore. And the fucking door was open. So we just sneaked to the VIP section and chilled upstairs with the guys from the label and shit.
IMG_4373So we grabbed some drinks and the party was about to start…
And here is the deal about artist that are not that famous in Germany: I feel like they are interacting more with the audience, like stage diving or talking with them or bringing people on the stage.
And Janelle went crazy. She was all over the stage and the audience. She was def possessed by some stage alter ego or something, because the things she did…damn girl…she went all the way in for the performance.

…the booty don’t lie, oh no the booty don’t lie…

I honestly have to admit that the background dancers with their cute little 60’s and 70’s dance routine were smashing it! So the overall performance was really good! I am not too crazy about the lyrics, but the beats are dope!
In case you want to hear the full album Youtube makes it possible (of course):

My favorite song is the called Electric Lady. Just feeling the beats. And it’s also the perfect for Janelle, just  because she was and is electrifying!


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