And we gonna start this week with a little bit of Hip Hop music. Recently Hip Hop is conquering the high fashion world (KTZ, Hood by Air etc.) more than ever and the media is getting crazy about the Rick Owens SS13 fashion show in Paris. And you know there are four key stylistic elements of hip hop as culture: rapping, DJing, break dancing and graffiti writing. But I think there is a fifth one coming up or is actually been there for ever but never mentioned as key element: fashion.
But however I will come back to this in some post later. This post is actually about this guy who was named several times as up-and-coming rapper and somebody to watch out for in the industry:
The 20 year old Chancelor Bennett a.k.a Chance The Rapper is an American hip hop artist from Chicago/Illinois who began to gain attention with his two mixtapes 10 Day and his latest one Acid Rap.
And Acid Rap is a ridiculously good album! Like you don’t even understand how good it is. Because Chance The Rapper can go a lot of ways with the way he rhymes. He was raised on oldies, soul music and jazz and that’s exactly what you can hear on this one: melodic rap. Here is what Chance says about his music:
“There is a very fine line between the mainstream lovers and people that actually are searching for their own music.”
And I know why he put it this way, because it’s not this trash FloRida kind of shit (why am I putting FloRida in the same sentence with HipHop?) and it’s not the album that you would Hip Hop expect to be. 
And I like the fact that he is changing the standard of hip hop perception among established artists like A$AP and Kendrick with this sound, because I feel like he is part of a whole new hip hop generation, if that makes sense at all.
Chance+the+Rapper chance-the-rapper
If you feel like I am full of shit right now, then just check out this Acid Rap stream:

You better watch out for him, because he is going to be pushed into the mainstream chair really soon. And he has a pretty good chance to sit there for ever…


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