And we have a winner….

When I look back at where I started shopping as teenager then I definitely have to mention H&M. It was there since my lobus fashionalis can even remember. And it honestly was a companion through good and bad fashion stages of mine. And now that I am more into fashion than I ever was before, I am glad that H&M gives young designers the opportunity to introduce their collection in H&M stores, especially with products that are not pleasing the mainstream consumer, but the fashionistas of our time. So every time I read about the H&M Design Award, I know that new edgy and creative pieces will be available.
This years H&M Design Award 2013 winner is Minju Kim who is a  27 year old South Korean designer.
Minju Kim_ H&M_studio_14

The collection has an Asian flair to it: the shapes with its round silhouettes, fabrics and colors are super Manga-ish. The original collection was adjusted to the European and American market, kind of more wearable, but still the original handwriting of Minju remained. Check it out:


8013_PR_02??????????????????Plus have a look when the 2013 H&M Design Awards winner Minju Kim prepares the look book photo shoot together with H&M head of design Ann-Sofie Johansson:

The collection is available from October 17th!

(Pictures via H&M)


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