Pushing The Listeners

“I don’t rock Tom Ford, I pop Molly.”
– Danny Brown –

You know what time it is, when somebody is saying something like this: either way this guy is a total douche or he is a genius-like creature. And I am still not sure about this rapper from Detroit, but I am sure that his music is cool. MTV even describes him as one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory.
His 2011 released album XXX was his first commercial success and I have to admit I like the title. But it’s not about XXX, well it is, but it’s more than that, it’s an effort to see how far he could push listeners with his music. And this is not your typical rap album that you expect. And neither is his latest album called Old. And just to get a feeling about Danny watch this interview for FaderTV:

Here are my favorite XXX track (and out of all I had to pick the one talking about pussy…):

And my you better check out Old. The 19 tracks are an intoxicating mix of Danny at his most experimental AND most accessible, balancing hip-hop grit with electronic club sonics and much, much more.

And I like that fact that he is not trying to the that radio mainstream kind of shit.

Picture by foolsgoldrecs.com


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