Another Version Of Me

I always wanted somebody to draw or paint me, but I never had the time nor the patience to just stand there and be analyzed from head to toe. It is just driving me crazy or maybe I just don’t like the attention. Who knows? But during the press day organized by Press Factory I finally took the chance. I just couldn’t stand still and it was only two minutes until this sketch right here was done: Foto 2

A stressful situation I’m telling y’all! But the result is dope. Like I really like it. And just for your information: this is not a portrait, it’s a sketch. And it was drawn with a pen of the my.pen style fashion series by Herlitz. So I figured out this shit is so good, why not let draw my favorite piece of the FREEMAN T. PORTER collection: a hoody with an all over cloud print?
This sweater not only reminds me of a friend of mine who is obsessed with clouds (all I see is clouds as soon as I check my Instagram), but this cloud sweater just represents the brands concept: Free your mind, Play like a FREEMAN.
FREEMAN T. PORTER is a french urban fashion brand. The collections comprise pants in denim or finely worked cotton fabrics and striking tops with a raw American lifestyle denim touch with an approach to create a “lived in” look. While it may have its roots firmly based in Saint Louis, Missouri, the label draws inspirations from very many aspects of American youth culture from the 1950’s to the present day and is inspired mainly by three styles: Military, Workwear and University. Take a look at the beauty and the result:

Foto 3 (1)When I way a kid I was obsessed with drawing. I even did my own comics and stuff like that. But then puberty began and other things became more important 😛 So that’s why I have a special shout out to Herlitz and Press Factory for this goody below, which is a black book saying “the little black one”and one of the my.pen style fashion edition pens  by Herlitz. Maybe I might start drawing again…

Foto 1 (3)


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