Meriem Bouderbala.
A name that should be known all over the world!
Because the Tunisian artist is putting a modern perspective to a very traditional topic. t’s not even a topic, it’s culture. She is putting culture into a super modern and artistic light.
Meriem was born in Tunisia in 1960. She studied painting and engraving at the school of Beaux-arts in Provence from and completed a national diploma in the arts. Meriem moved to London in 1986 to study engraving at the Chelsea School of Art. The Tunisian artist combines a variety of skills and mediums including photography, painting, installation and video, using canvas, paper, glass and textiles, to create her dynamic works of art that seek to merge Eastern and Western sensibilities around the representation of the body and thus regain “the point where the human figure is both flesh and signs.”“ Most of the below pieces are taken from her 2008 series Bédouine (Bedouins are a part of a predominantly desert-dwelling Arabian ethnic group), where she explores a multiplicity of themes including femininity and culture. And the way she does it, is truly one in a million:


tumblr_muej5i1x2z1rqkjy0o7_400 tumblr_muej5i1x2z1rqkjy0o10_400 tumblr_muej5i1x2z1rqkjy0o8_500tumblr_muej5i1x2z1rqkjy0o3_400 tumblr_muej5i1x2z1rqkjy0o5_400 tumblr_muej5i1x2z1rqkjy0o6_400

It’s giving me chills. If you feel like buying one of these, then click here.

Pictures via www.dynamicafrica.tumblr.com


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