Halloween is over.
But if you need inspiration for next year take a look at Madame Peripetie’s Dream Seqeuence. Created jointly with stylist Stella Gosteva and make-up artist Marina Keri, Madame Peripettie’s (Sylwana Zybura) Dream Sequence photography series seeks to ‘illuminate the dreamy phantasmagorias to which we disappear to in the night, creating charaters that ‘radiate a sense of ever-lasting awe and reverence.’” Beautiful shots!
tumblr_mthcdjNc0h1qarjnpo1_500 tumblr_mthcdjNc0h1qarjnpo3_500 tumblr_mthcdjNc0h1qarjnpo4_500 tumblr_mthcdjNc0h1qarjnpo9_500 tumblr_mthcdjNc0h1qarjnpo8_500 tumblr_mthcdjNc0h1qarjnpo7_500 tumblr_mthcdjNc0h1qarjnpo6_500 tumblr_mthcdjNc0h1qarjnpo5_500

Pictures via www.madameperipetie.com


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