Odessa Series

And then when you are in the library surfing on the internet on a Tuesday afternoon, instead of writing your bachelor thesis, you find one of the the dopest, illest collections by the most mind-blowing designers ever. In this case: Masha Reva.
I love when this happens. I get all excited about it, can’t concentrate on my bachelor thesis and just begin to write blog posts. And you don’t even know how many times this has already happened to me in the last months. I swear my bachelor thesis would have been done like last summer, even spring.
However Masha Reva x Sydicate Odessa Series is the bomb! Here is a sneak peak:

The concept of Odessa Series is about a new take on Ukrainian kitsch and an ironical view on how Ukrainians desire to look luxurious. By presenting paradoxical elements within the imagery such as an enormously expensive jewelry-piece from Christie’s auction, placed next to a cheap vintage brooch found on an Odessa flea market, perfectly define the elements which now seem to make up a contemporary Ukrainians fashion DNA. And the mixture is smashing:
63_2013mashareva-5320 63_2013mashareva-5563 63_2013mashareva-5288 63_2013mashareva-5218-1grey563_2013mashareva-5483

The name of this second series was derived from Masha’s home city of Odessa, beautifully situated on the Black sea coast in Ukraine. It represents the fantastic fusion of traditional Ukrainian with many other global cultures and nationalities. The look-book was shot under creative direction of London based photographer Madame Peripetie (which we posted about last Saturday) and stylist Stella Gosteva.

You can buy the fashion pieces right here!

I am still mesmerized! So if I don’t finish my bachelor thesis this year, I will blame it on Masha. Stop making these awesome collections! You know I’m kidding…#NotKidding #YesIAmKidding!


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