CCTV On Fire

I was so lost these couple of days. And so much happened in the world of fashion. Like if you don’t do your daily research (and with research I mean just checking the internet), you are lost. Trapped in a world without development of your fashion knowledge. Wait a minute….are these actually symptoms of internet addiction? I guess I’m just a fashion victim. FML.
However, Asger Juel Larsen soaked be back into a better place: the world of endless creativity, freedom and expression a.k.a the fashion hemisphere. Here is what you have to expect when entering the world of AJL:
Always expect a mixture of sportswear and tailoring, an ongoing search for new materials and textures as well as digital print from Asger that has an intimidating brilliance about it. This is menswear that tests you and society, encourages confidence and conspiracy, and questions the difference between strength and vulnerability.

The most recent collection, FW13 CCTV On Fire, is so mad jiggy, like it’s pure jiggyness. And it’s unisex!!! Even the lookbook gave me chills. The pictures could be straight from the streets of New York or Tokyo, although it’s a brand from Denmark. Breath in, take a look and don’t forget to breath out (And repeat!):
4 3 1 6 2 5This is a collection for the guy who fucked around, fucked people off, got fucked himself, found himself in bad situations, amazing ones, and has learnt a lot and very little in a long and blurry space of time. My kind of shit!

Shop the collection right here and get jiggy with it!

Image credit: All images by Jens Stoltze, courtesy Marlo Saalmink


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