Cold Wednesdays




So everyone knows those days when you’re sick in bed, bored with TV series and eating (there’s only a certain amount of food that you can eat with a huge throat ache… Chocolate is not one of them, in case anyone was wondering) and going through the usual to-do list of procrastination activities:

1. Online Shopping (checked that one, huge post coming up tomorrow)

2. Snapchatting everyone you know because everyone loooves pictures where you look like shit (examples: pictures taken in nightclubs, morning after pictures, SICK pictures)

3. Shameless Facebook creeping

4. Attempting to do something productive, so you clean your desktop until you find something more interesting

After I have successfully checked off all the above, it is 6.30pm after all, I stumbled across an outfit post in the making which never made it on the blog, mostly due to my severe imaginary ADD. Although I’m not a strong believer in daily outfit posts, a) because I have hobbies but mostly b) because I don’t wear half a couture skirt everyday, this one needs to be shared. If I was Julie Andrews, this post would be called “Here are a few of my favourite things”: Love the XXXL old people’s shirt I found in a random store in my hometown and of course, the dedication to the little Asian heart in me that screams Chanel! After making a brief appearance in German VOGUE, this beautiful plexi globe bag sadly never made it into production. Sadface. But at least you can long for it here, so there you go chickens, enjoy the narcissist in me! xEve

Wearing Danijel’s denim vest. NOOK shirt. LEVI’S cutoff 501s (so 2009 of me). CHANEL Quilted biker boots. CHANEL Globe bag. GUERLAIN favorite lipstick. CHANEL Cosmic nailpolish.


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