À propos accessories that give the collection another twist (check out the last post). I found another brand named HIBU. during Lisbon Fashion Week, which presented their minimalist summer 2014 collection with colorful earrings worn by men and women. The fact that the clothes are held in mostly white, off-white and grey colors are supporting the effect, yet are not distracting from the beautiful fashion pieces.
HIBU. is a Fashion brand, whose vision relies on the belief that gender is not important to the piece’s conception transporting an urban, sportive and relaxed style to a minimal and deconstructive scene. And the letting go of gender roles is shown through the fact that both genders are wearing earrings. So you can see their vision in their latest collection. The brains and hands and bodies behind this brand are Marta Gonçalves, Gonçalo Páscoa and Nuno Sousa, which are generally inspired by the artist  Jean-Michel Basquiat (I am a huge fan of his, plus I read a article on Portuguese to find this out. So round of applause for me!). And I can see where it’s coming from, because it’s more about the fashion content, like the idea behind the fashion then about the fashion…. I really get it, but I can’t explain it. I should have studied fashion journalism to express myself. However…
Before you look at the collection please note that it’s not about the tits (which is a nice though), but the fashion and accessories:
1374054_251721894978133_1846506866_n 1381439_251721788311477_326395718_n 1383271_251722184978104_1391150954_n 1378190_251722788311377_903447077_n 1395276_251722854978037_748590648_n 1377293_251722884978034_1150115880_n tumblr_mups8bwtk11sesqivo2_r1_500

In case you want to order pieces, please send an email to hibu.design@gmail.com!

Pictures via HIBU. on FB


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