New clothes = New beginnings.
A brand new outfit always gives you the feeling of a fresh new start in life. Anything can happen. Especially when you feel good in them clothes. And you can not tell me that you are not enjoying the looks you get when you are walking down the street with a jiggy t-shirt on? Busted big times!
If you are that kind of person (and I am officially admitting: I am!), then I have the right brand  for you. The fashion pieces are guaranteed eye catchers.  So if you are into urban New York fashion then Goldly NY is the shit you need. GodlyNY is a New York City based brand created by Stada and Brandon. Both of them are super young (I think they are 17 and 18 years old). And if you have the balls to be this young and start your own business…mad respect for that!
So the new fall/winter 2013 collection can be described with two words: New York. It’s Soho, it’s Brooklyn, it’s everything from East Village to West Village. It’s Harlem, Bronx. It’s Queens.  But maybe not the Financial District. So what I want to say is that Godly collections are always representing a special spirit and attitude of young adults that you can find all over New York. You know what I mean?
But enough talking. Check out the lookbook which was shot by Juan Veloz, who is a 18 year old  fashion photographer from New York City. Everybody is so young…

tumblr_mvpmb289rS1qarkgno1_500 tumblr_mvun68zFuD1qd0moyo1_500 tumblr_mvunarkkwS1qd0moyo1_500 tumblr_mvpw22xCdC1qd54pjo1_500 tumblr_mvplv85Jkl1qarkgno1_500The new collection includes 3 mesh long sleeve Jerseys available in red, black and white an all print GODLY tee available in black ,and white 3-m olive branch tee a variety selection of winter beanies also python leather caps in 3 colors and python print sweat pants. And all of them are worth buying!
All Items will be available for sale on NOVEMBER 17th (which is tomorrow!) So make sure you run this webpage down, like you did run H&M down for that Isabel Marant collection!


Pictures via Juan Veloz Photography


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