The Shit I’m Wearing: Prints


evelyn-song-at-chloe-2 (1)

Let’s call today #throwbacktuesday and flashback to Paris Fashion Week. I think one of the main unwritten rules in the book for amazingly dresses people who just happen to land on street style blogs and special fashion week edition magazines, is to just pretend they fell out of bed, threw the first thing on they could find (which in my case would be my duvet… NOT something you want to wear out and about unless it’s Margiela) and look incredibly polished in their avantgarde pieces they just happened to find hanging in the back of their closets. Yeah right. Fashion weeks off the runways are all about wearing beautifully weird (let’s call it fashion forward), most carefully planned outfits and then pretend to be busy talking on your phone or just striking a perfect pose somewhere in the middle on the street, long enough for the bloggers and photographers to take the perfect “candid” but not too long so it doesn’t seem to willingly.

I’m guessing this little revelation makes me lose a lot of cool points…Whoops.

Thank you to the lovely Marcy Swingle from Gastrochic for the lovely post and the amazing pictures!

Wearing vintage jacket. Zara crop top. Zara pants. Zara boots (get it? I’m on a budget… wait until I get my hands on Vanessa Traina’s closet). Panuu HYPE skate socks. Chanel bag.

2 thoughts on “The Shit I’m Wearing: Prints

  1. Everyone already know what happens on fashion week (I think) so I’m sure you’re still pretty cool at the eyes of your readers 😉

    I loooved this look! I actually have a photo of you from this day!
    I’ll let you know when it’s published on the blog (I’m a bit behind on the street style posts)


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