Phantom Of The Opera

When I was like 10 years old, I remember that my sister always wanted me to go to the musical with her. The town I am from (this is how they made me, Hamburg City baby) was like really known for Cats and The Phantom of the Opera and actually still is considered to be the Broadway of Germany. But I wasn’t feeling this at all. I rather spent time with friends and my Nintendo 64 or Playstation. I was addicted to that kind of shit. I honestly spent day and night being Link from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. And when I say day and night, I mean it! But as you know times change…
And yesterday I had the change to experiment the magic of The Phantom of the Opera during a press preview in Hamburg’s Neue Flora. And this musical is not only the most viewed one ever with 130 million visitors, but also the most famous with over 50 awards. Say what?
Foto 2(I honestly don’t want to get anybody in trouble with these pictures. But if you tell me not to take some, I will still take some. It’s my inner rebel. Deal with it! But as you can see they are really bad quality, so I am not giving away too much…)
So first and foremost the stage was insane. This baroque-ish frame covering the stage is so dope. And the stage setting was taking it to another level. All these little effects were so smart, like when Erik took Christine to his secret little place and the stairs they were walking on change the level so it seemed like they are walking and walking and walking down …So smart.
Foto 1 1452166_712585248752858_749997511_nThe voices were insane with all these Andrew Lloyd Webber songs. Everything was insane. But I have to say that this musical is a mixture between an opera and ballet, which is not bad at all, but don’t expect a show like Chicago like I did as non-experienced musical visitor.
Foto 3The Phantom of the Opera was pure magic!
Zhe premiere is tonight (28.11.2013) and if you are around Hamburg make sure you get a ticket!


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