True Believer

I am stuck in a time and place of work or doing stuff for school. I just realized that I am doing the same old shit every freaking day. When I talk to my friends via Whatsapp and they are asking me what I’m doing it’s either working or writing on my bachelor thesis (which is still not done. fml.)
So I am thankful for the 30 minutes I take every evening to write a blog post. A little thing to turn my brain off, escape and dive into another world. And tonight I’m letting Devon Halfnight Leflufy into my mind. This shit sounds like I am crazy… but anyway.
Devon Halfnight Leflufy is the illest shit around town. Their street couture meets haute fashion and vice versa True Believer collection is mind blowing. Inspired by LA it’s giving us the 90’s flair but still being 2013 or even being 2014! The cashmere and leather materials mixed with soft colors and the very manly silhouettes are making me see why it’s so LA. The beach-like and urban vibe that is coming from the collection makes it the perfect luxury streetwear: it’s dreamy due to Devon H Leflufy’s input, but at the same time egdy, because of the imagery of Canadian artist Brian Kokoska. The perfect match:

942677_534683403247634_1476066770_n 969143_534683466580961_864493180_n 1000685_534683196580988_1361171923_n 1002280_534683219914319_66860667_n 1010297_534683376580970_2091410723_n 1069319_534683306580977_672897050_n pop_91372_4

This fresh breeze  gave me life again. Shop the collection right here chez Opening Ceremony!

Pictures via Devon Halfnight LeFlufy


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