Take Me To The Moon

And we are not only putting our winter gear on, we are also hiding:
That moment when you realize you can’t leave the house because of storm Xaver. Everybody and their mama is talking about it. It’s the number one topic in the streets. Some guy in the elevator even said today:”It seems like people are only waiting for a catastrophe to happen.” And this is beyond true. People just want the end of the world to come, which is psycho! I am not ready for the end of the world, so I will be at home for the rest of the night.
And based on the fact the earth is not safe tonight, I am going to take you to the moon, take you to the stars (….how many people you know can make it this far?…) with ANNTIAN and their Inspector Moon SS14 collection.
ANNTIAN is a Berlin based label founded by the designers Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt back in 2006.
Every fashion piece is handpainted or handprinted which makes the clothes super unique. Basic forms and geomatric shapes like circle and square build a major aspect within the collection. On the grafic side thee are black and white outlines, besides interpretations of shadows aesthetics, moon stone and minerals. Dope concept with a dope realization:

3 5 4

2If you see me blogging tomorrow, then you know I landed back on earth and survived the storm. To be continued…

Pictures via ANNTIAN
Photography: Johanna Ruebel – Models: Fritz & Lisa – Make-up/Hair: Marie Pilgrim


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