Mood Friday: Mysterious Xaver

Take a look what storm Xaver washed ashore:
Where the waters are as blue as the petals of a cornflower and as clear as glass, there, where no anchor can reach the bottom, live the mer-people. A freaking mermaid!
Nahhh…Just kidding. This is just a dope ass editorial by and for W Magazine December 2013/January 2014. Amazing fashion pieces from Vera Wang, Dior, Balenciaga to Vivien Westwood and back to Chanel.
tumblr_mx9u5a5YNC1rqqanpo8_500 tumblr_mx9u5a5YNC1rqqanpo2_500 tumblr_mx9u5a5YNC1rqqanpo9_500 tumblr_mx9u5a5YNC1rqqanpo3_500 tumblr_mx9u5a5YNC1rqqanpo5_500 tumblr_mx9u5a5YNC1rqqanpo1_500 tumblr_mx9u5a5YNC1rqqanpo10_500

Pictures via W Magazine
Photo: Tim Walker – Model: Kristen McMenamy – Styling: Jacob K


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