Blogger Bazaar

It’s Monday, but I am already sick and tired of this week and need a fucking break. Like for real, for real,for real. It seems like all the good music is gone, the good looking people are gone, the great events are gone. And all that stays are the memories.
So let’s talk about what I did last weekend:
Foto 3 (1)This is not a fashion shoot. This is not H&M. This is Hamburg’s very own Blogger Bazaar.

First I was like what the fuck is this? A Blogger Bazaar?
I know what a blogger is. I know what a bazaar is. But WTF???
Basically it’s a bazaar where bloggers sell all their clothes. Flea market style. But you know that most of the clothes are not even worn once, because the bloggers get it for free. And all I can say is: Oh shit…it’s racks, on racks, on racks!
Racks of clothes were everywhere. From designer clothes to nobody-needs-this-shit clothes and back to I-really-want-this-shit clothes! The event was created by Tanja Trutschnig and Karolin Rehm and the room was full of racks and people and of course clothes and did I mention racks and people and clothes? It was fashion heaven. The atmosphere was very party-ish. The DJ was the shit! He played all my favorite songs and this just made me realize again that I am going to the wrong clubs. However…peep some pics:
Foto 1 (1) Foto 2 (1) FotoThe idea behind it is really good, but like are you kidding me? How can you sell your clothes?! I am way too emotionally attached to mine. I like to buy, not to sell, which is kind of not the right mind set for a business student. FML!
Blogger Bazaar is a really smart idea and the realization was dope. I will def visit it next time, but please more men’s stuff in the future (I know it’s hard, but I want more.)!
To put it in a nutshell: It was really nice, so I posted about you on my blog…


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