Face down, ass up…

Face down, ass up, that’s the way…Guy Bourdin likes to take pictures of his models.
That’s what I found out during this exibition called “Guy Bourdin Retrospective“. This guy is a magnificent painter and self-taught photographer from Paris/France. He was working for magazines, such as Vogue as well as for brands such as Chanel, Ungaro and Charles Jourdan, just to name a few.
996987_717721054905944_2562016_nAnd his way of making art has his own little handwriting: the way he sets the focus on a product in a everyday situation and still manages to get the attention to the product is unbelievably good. The museum says about him:
“Guy Bourdin was an image maker, a perfectionist. He knew how to grab the attention of the viewer and left nothing to chance. He created impeccable sets, or when not shooting in his studio rue des Ecouffes in le Marais, in undistinguished bedrooms, on the beach, in nature, or in urban landscapes. The unusual dramas that unfold in these seemingly everyday scenes and ordinary encounters pique our subconscious and invite our imagination. Moreover, he developed  a technic using hyper real colours, meticulous compositions of cropped elements such as low skies with high grounds and the interplay of light and shadows as well as the unique make-up of the models.”
Foto 2 Foto 4This exhibition is the most comprehensive exhibition to date with not only paintings and photographic images, but with unveiling works from his personal archives which have never been seen before. Like all these little handwritten notes with some smart ass quotes he wrote, that appallingly revealed so much about him. And I mean appallingly in a positive way, because it was only one sentence he wrote, but it’s like he spitted his soul out with these words. So I figured I am going to start the same shit, so one day all these notes can be published during my exhibition 😛

Foto 1 Foto 3Guy Bourdin’s art is one in a million: “It’s reasonably easy to get people to stop and look, but it’s difficult to get them to think. That’s what Guy Bourdin’s images did and still do.” – Nick Knight-



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