This not Bob the Builder material, this is major fashion boner alert!
Me describing their F/W 13 collection as jiggy urban shit, a mixture between elegance and street,  XXBC  is giving me all I ever wanted: a grey sweatsuit featuring horizontal cotton floral panels. In my opinion the designers Alex Lee and William Thompson  created a classic urban- and streetwear fashion piece.

tumblr_msw8b1ggM91ruf419o6_1280Like you don’t understand: you can wear these pieces all day, every day! You can sleep in them (because it’s probably that comfortable, but that would be a shame!). You can get your coffee at Starbucks having a chill-out zone moment. You can wear it at work (if you combine it right, even as business outfit). And you can go to a club, be the coolest kid around town and have the illest outfit on! Like honestly: If you wear this collection you will not only be comfortable all the time, but you will look better than 90% of the other people walking around.

tumblr_msw8b1ggM91ruf419o8_1280 tumblr_msw8b1ggM91ruf419o2_1280 tumblr_msw8b1ggM91ruf419o3_1280 tumblr_msw8b1ggM91ruf419o4_1280

The lookbook itself just reminds me of myself during my vacations in Croatia. We live in a little village, but it has the same urban flair. However…I just want you guys to adopt me so I have access to fresh looking clothes all the time!

Pictures via XXBC
hotography: James Parker – Model: Eric Lusha – Hair/Make-up: Michela Waribie – Creative Direction: Alex Lee, Will Thompson, Rhamier Auguste


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