Nafsika Skourti

My bachelor thesis is done.
Beyonce rewarded me with her new album and I literally spend the whole day watching her 17 new videos. It’s National Beyonce Day and the album is on repeat. And I am writing this blog post just to prove to myself that there is more out there.
Because this shit right here is awesome, too: The half Greek half Jordanian designer Nafsika Skourti dropped her final collection at Central Saint Martins. The collection dropped back in 2012 and it’s a SS13 collection. I know I am super late, but I can’t leave it unmentioned.
tumblr_mx51b23mZq1qa4iv8o1_500tumblr_mx51b23mZq1qa4iv8o2_500Nafsika explains her inspiration during an interview with Pop.see.cul: “Its really about the contrast of material capital life vs what really matters. I only realised this in hindsight when the collection had already taken direction. The summer before final I was doing alot of spiritual reading and thinking and stuff, and that was kind of the basis for the prints.”
529089_423831741026491_180813124_n 481622_423831384359860_2124455474_n“And then I came back to London and I guess I was picking up on the economy and hanging out with lots of banker types. Maybe thats why at the time I was attracted to menswear, suits to be more specific. The Last piece of the puzzle was combining the 2 moods with the embroidery I learned during my year out.”
379670_423832031026462_503146167_n 542717_423832217693110_1950424100_n 404816_423832041026461_173339128_nThis collection is the shit and I am waiting for more to come. I feel so bad that I can’t appreciate it the way it deserves to be appreciated, but I am going back to Beyonce in 3, 2, 1…

Pictures via Freestyle Vogueing


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