Troublesome Kids

The fashion business always had a bittersweet reputation. Nothing is perfect. Perfection is so…[hmp].
Sometimes it’s time to expose the bitter, but for right now it’s time to focus on the sweet.
Like for example Chris Saunders  photo series Troublesome Kids. There is more to it than just a regular fashion shoot. It’s not even a fashion shoot. It’s about life.
Troublesome-Kids-TitleThe Troublesome Kids are a group of young adults who come from the hood in Pretoria/ South Africa. Together they joined forces to influence and inspire the community with arts. The Group emphasizes on ambitious moves, striving to only breed success without a penny in a pocket but a dream and mind set filled with will power. With their main focus on fashion, they believe that success is often driven by dressing a certain well: “You do good, when you are dressed good.”
39B2446 39B2332 39B2356They instill trends, their main focus being on those who embrace Urban Lifestyle in a form of how you dress and other artistic influences that can make one unique in their own way. The innovative alliance was formed in May 2011 by individuals with different perspectives, different dreams but a common goal to reach out to the youth and bring back a vintage flair that touches base with our roots. They have covered events in our area, marketing our brand to get street credibility that came with a decent interactive social network audience that is updated about current affairs in our specialties on a daily basis.
39B2274 39B2258 39B2406Troublesome Kids is a movement that aims to give the upcoming generation a clear view of the world at large. And it’s a shame that this is not made public the way it should be. And besides the motivation behind the whole project: the fashion is on point!!! So spread the word!

Pictures via Chris Saunders



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