New year of my life.
New beginnings.
Time to change some things up: be more bold, be more creative, be more self-confident, try way more new things, follow your bliss and just fucking BE. The journey is the reward. And nothing can express who you are and new beginnings better than some fresh ass new clothes. I know girls need to change like everything they are from hair to nails and all that shit. But you can run from earth to space but still you can’t run from yourself. Namasaying (you know what I’m saying?).
But me as a man I just need the full Spring/ Summer 14 collection of PATH.
Like every fucking piece of it!
1512629_636635576393866_558653331_nThe creative head behind PATH is the German female designer Janine Grosche, who launched the label  back in 2011. The brand takes influences from both, rebellious youth cultures, music and art on the one hand and traditional menswear on the other mixed with functional details taken from sportswear to create unique, innovative pieces of high fashion. PATH’s garments are contrastive. Serious, but never severe, meticulous but experimental, minimal but bold, soft but constructed. PATH appears strong but always sensual.
The progressive stlye is such a turn on.
1528515_636635603060530_725746608_n 1532065_636635593060531_177768922_nThe designs are constantly looking for the now and tomorrow, the classic and the contemporary, the future and the past. And this is exactly our motto!
Minimalistic, sharp and modern, PATH finds the fine edges in a soft tailored wardrobe, modern proportions, a constant research for innovative fabrics and textures and above all the interaction of pure construction with new shapes and subtle structured details.
1530578_636635633060527_1090042589_n 1504038_636635649727192_1183741787_n 1479274_636635669727190_2120834676_nBrutally beautiful collection. This better be available as soon as possible, because I can’t wait to go the right PATH….

Pictures via PATH
Photographer: 刘喆尧 – Model: Liu Yang 刘洋 – Make Up & Hair: Dalpa Lee 


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