I can’t believe how relaxed and laid back this Christmas break can make you feel. And I can’t believe how 4 hours of work can destroy all of that: I’m tired, hungry and it’s cold. My eyes hurt so much, I can barley write this post. The only thing that keeps them open is the beauty of Gilad Sasporta‘s shoot called African Chic, a tribute to the beauty of Africa.

tumblr_mxy728bhuw1qbi4mro3_500Gilad Sasporta is a freelance fashion photographer based in Paris. After obtaining his degree in art an photography at Wizo Academy in 2005 he worked for leading fashion magazines and commmercial projects in Israel, China, Portuguese Africa and Paris. Gilad Sasporta stands out for his photography through a cinematic atmosphere, natural environment, the search for the moment but also of the person. The richness of his art can be summarized in a current and modern world, based on the human-being and away from fireworks.


tumblr_my7w0j0PYw1qmbbpno5_500But what is it about this shoot that fascinates me?
It’s the fact that it’s showing pure and raw life. It’s not selling a dream, but it’s putting the brand into a daily life situation. I mean honestly how many of you have a super expensive T-Shirt on, let’s say a Givenchy one, and are still going to McDonald’s? How many of you have a Chanel bag, but still are going to Disney Land or whatever? I could ask hundred of “How many of you…” questions? Do you know what I am trying to say?
This is my definition of the New Jeunesse Doree: you are high-fashion, your attitude is high-fashion, but you can still have a simple life/ come from a simple life/ do simple life things…
There are no borders! If you still want a high fashion brand piece, then just go get it. Work for it. Your situation does not define who you are, you define who you are!


tumblr_mxy728bhuw1qbi4mro1_500Pictures via Olivier Baille


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