Starting 2k14

Every blogger is like: This is my first blog post in 2014!
And I am glad and proud to say: I or we are one/two of them.
Yes, we survived 2013 (this sounds super negative, although it was mad positive), which was an incredible year for this blog. But 2014 is going to be the breakthrough. I am super pumped and can’t wait for new collections, new art, new music. We are going to take New Jeunesse Doree to another, better level. Never seen before.
I am on fire. And so is the brand Jamie Wei Huang.
And what I love about this designer? To Jamie, there is no difference between fashion and art!

JamieWeiHuang-6_1118Jamie Wei Huang is a contemporary womenswear label which combines conceptual ideas with modern silhouette. The label is founded by Jamie Wei Huang after graduating from Fashion Design Womenswear at Central Saint Martins Art and Design College in London. During her studies, she has worked in high-end fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen (the king himself) and Christopher Kane (the prince) and she is also hired as one of the costume designer and tailor for the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympics’s closing ceremony.
Say what? And this is a resume I would like to have, like for real!
Her background became her foundation in developing contemporary fashion and concept building, and also appearing in her signature elements in design details and silhouette. The label is based on the principle of bringing out the character in contemporary women. The ideas of fashion is the language of exploration the inner self by materials and silhouette, developing the concept of garments but refine it in cutting and details. The essential components of the label is simplistic with clean refined outline, masculine in a way into details. The label Jamie Wei Huang is to create the idea of the present women herself by developing new ideas of materials and cutting to represent the way of exploring modern women’s character using their own language.


7And this is exactly what you get for the SS14 collection: a whole bunch of art plays with geometric forms and irritating effects. And she explains:
I was searching for something futuristic that is very simple at the same time. And I wanted to create something that is in a way masculine but without too much volume.
And I love the fact that it’s not commercial but still wearable. This a a combination that you won’t see often in the fashion industry. What a great way to start this year!


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