Ooooooh, I am for real!

It’s that time of a year again: FASHION WEEK!
The weeks that determine our fashion future. Oh wait…
25lKanye is right if you put in a daily life perspective, but still you can not underestimate the power and creativity that is shown by all the fashion houses and designers. And just today I had a talk with a friend, asking me what fashion week is my most favorite. It didn’t take me a long time to spit out my answer, which is London Collections: Men! 
What makes it so special is this specific urban flair, that can be sophisticated but also crazy as fuck. And of course it’s for men. The perfect example is Astrid Andersen‘s A/W 14 collection: Super masculine looks with this urban street hip hop flair mixed with very light colors. Like seriously how can you not like it?
Astrid-Andersen_fw14_fy1 Astrid-Andersen_fw14_fy2 Astrid-Andersen_fw14_fy19 Astrid-Andersen_fw14_fy5 Astrid-Andersen_fw14_fy11 Astrid-Andersen_fw14_fy14This is so daring and just my shit. If I don’t get an invitation for the upcoming fashion show I am going to be mad for real, for real, for real, Mrs. Andersen! 
I am sorry Mrs. Andersen, ooooooh, I am for real, never mean to make… (Outcast- Mrs.Jackson melody)
And my other favorites are yet to come. I am super pumped!

Pictures via Fucking Young


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