And then when I thought it couldn’t get any better I saw the black and white themed collection by KTZ

You are a fucking genius, Marjan Pejoski!And you probably know that!
I really want to know how it is to have your brain. The creativity is beyond human. Marjan was born in Skopje/Macedonia in 1968 and from there on went to London and started to rule the fashion world: He is the co-founder of the fashion and music retailer Kokon To Zai where he gives many young designers a helping hand by showcasing their graduate collections and being one of the first to buy their collections. Among those that they have helped are Jeremy Scott, Raf Simmons and Emma Cook. His avant-garde, unconventional and flamboyant style is very unique and never disappointing. Every look is connected with each other and it just seems like it’s a freakin haute couture fashion show. And I always fall for for the prints and shapes that KTZ is giving us. And not only with FW14, but with every single collections that is coming up. Check out the current one:
GYG_5154.450x675 GYG_5186.450x675 GYG_5210.450x675 GYG_5411.450x675 GYG_5562.450x675Pictures via


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